Basket Case Life Founders Jasz & Cheikh

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Hello, I am Jasz and I have had a passion Senegalese culture for more than a decade, after I received several items as gifts from relatives that traveled from Senegal to stay in my hometown; The Bronx, NY. Among these, was a beautiful handmade basket, crafted with care, just for me.

Throughout my life, I have faced my share of adversity, and have always found strength within the diverse community of other women who have rallied around me. My goal with Basket Case Life was to start a business that would not only give me, and my three daughters a sense of pride and stability, but that would help female artisans in Senegal access the global market.

Basket Case Life came into being after a friend, Cheikh Biaye, helped to facilitate a relationship with Artisan

women living in rural Senegal. His depth of knowledge in the basket-weaving tradition, eye for detail and love for his native Senegal, formed the basis for an extraordinary collaboration.


Hello I am Cheikh Biaye, as a young black man born and raised in Senegal with the nickname of Teranga.  The word Teranga is wolof commonly used , meaning hospitality or welcoming in generosity. Its one of the many reasons that make Senegal special to me.

I arrived in the United States of America in 2016  bringing that same welcoming spirit with me and the hope to chase my dreams.  I  then met this super ambitious woman; Jasz.

We both share that  spirit of Hospitality and the same vision of bringing that spirit into your home.  

It is with great pleasure and anticipation that we present to the world Basket Case Life.

Founder Jasz & Cheikh 

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